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{ Young People Doing Exciting Things; Enter At Your Own Risk }

The Millennial Advisory Panel of Spartanburg serves to provide a Social infrastructure to unify a Diverse group of Proactively-Minded Individuals between the ages of 16 and 39 by way of 1) Social media, 2) Local (often) Free events and 3) organized Field-trips.

MAP encourages Freedom of thought and limitless Creative expression. By creating a “team” of fact- and fun-seeking individuals in our community, MAP strives to act as an outlet through which our group members, event volunteers and young leadership may learn about, engage with and ultimately actively affect change in their neighborhoods and community.

By way of casual meet-ups and creative conversations we seek to weave life and communication back into a town increasingly full of innovative “Millennials”, which will foster the natural rise of the community-leaders of Tomorrow.