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Upcoming Nonpartisan races 


Interested in running for office?
There are over 65 nonpartisan seats in
Spartanburg County up for election in 2023.

Town of Campobello

Town Council (2 seats): Joe McDowell, Alician C. Sprouse


Town of Central Pacolet

Town Council (2 seats): No one filed


City of Chesnee

City Council (2 seats): Arnie Hoye, Vertie M. Crawford, Lauren Uldrick Dove, Jeremy Miller


Town of Cowpens

Town council (2 seats): Lesa Bolin, Jimmy Pettit, Erin Wofford


Town of Duncan

Town council (2 seats): Donnie Center, Calvin Cowen, Todd Fowler, Tom Haymon, Jeff Satterfield.

City of Inman

Council Seat (2 seats): Heather Moore, Kevin Newman


City of Landrum

Landrum City Council (3 seats): Warren Ashmore, Shannon D. Dotson, Robert Farmer, Fred Robertson, Joyce A. Whiteside.


Town of Lyman

Town council (3 seats): Jack Bellaire, Alton Free, Matthew Kreft, Rebecca Martin, David Petty, Kevin Wyatt.


Town of Pacolet

Council District 2 (1 seat): Daniel Hood, Richard E. Brackins

Council District 4 (1 seat): Brian J. Bozard, Thomas Williams.

Council District 5 (1 seat): April Palmer-Green.


Town of Reidville

Town Council Ward 3 (1 seat): Justin Beardsley.


Town Council Ward 4 (1 seat): James A. Richard, Gifford Timothy.

City of Spartanburg

City Council District 1 Seat: Meghan Smith 


City Council District 2 Seat: Rob Rain 


City Council District 3 Seat: Ruth Littlejohn, Mike Fowler and Brian Cohen


City of Wellford

City Council (2 seats): Eric Inglis, Paige Bain, Mary Drummond Clemons, Bobby Edge, Glenna Faye Holocombe, Quentin Jay McClinton


City of Woodruff

Council Ward 1 (1 seat): Mattie Norman


Council Ward 3 (1 seat): William E. Arnold 


Council Ward 5 (1 seat): Sharon Adkins Kelley


City of Greer (City Managed)

City Council District 1 Seat: Jay Arrowood 


City Council District 3 Seat: Mark Hopper, Billy Vaughn 


City Council District 5 Seat: Wryley Bettis 


Commissioner of Public Work: Perry J. Williams

Get Out the Vote
2023 Key Elections

Spartanburg County

City and Town Council Seats | 34

Mayoral Seats | 5

School Boar Seats | 28

Spartanburg City County

District 1 | Meghan Smith | Incumbent

District 2 | Rob Raine | Incumbent

District 3 | Ruth Littlejohn | Incumbent

Get Out the Vote
2023 School Board Race

District 1 (4 seats): Billy Cothran III, Barbara G. Hopper, Wanda M. McDowell, Cindy Riddle, Kimberly Ross, Marshall A. Seay, Laura Tario, Mike Tolman, Gene Vanderford.


District 2, (Cherokee) (1 seat): Seth Breitenbach


District 2 (Spartanburg) (4 seats): Brandon McKillop, Summer W. Reid, Sarah Simmons, Jeff Watson, Rachel Smith Yelton.


District 3 (4 seats): Eddie Dearybury, Jodi Hoyle Gilmer, Billy Gossett, Laurie Lee, Joni L. Ware, Amanda Wyatt, Meg H. Cheshier.


District 4 (4 seats): Stephen Y. Brown, Nathan Craig, Bobby Edwards, Elaina Hyatt, Micha Kelley, Sandy Norman, Marie Rhodes Williams, Rick C. Sloan, Rhonda Sumner, Kathleen Welch.


District 5-1 (1 seat): Mark Cleveland.


District 5-2 (1 seat): Meredith B. Gergley.

District 5-3 (2 seats): Jeff Boland, Derek Watchorn.


District 6 (4 seats): Charles I. Boyd, Lynn R. Harris, Wendell J. Lee, Henry Ross, Ishayda Smith-Hughes.


District 7-1 (1 seat): James A. Jones.


District 7-4 (1 seat): Sally N. Carroll, Rick L. Gray.


District 7-5 (2 seats): Meg Pickens Clayton, Gary D. Leake, Clay Mahaffey.

How do i File? Non-partisan Offices

Municipal, School Board and Public Service Districts (PSD) offices are

generally nonpartisan offices and require a Nonpartisan Statement of Intention of Candidacy (SIC) form or a Petition.


Municipal candidates file by SIC between Noon August 1 and Noon August 15 of odd numbered years and pay a filing fee to the



School Board candidates file by Petition, that must be submitted by Noon on July 15 of odd numbered years.


Public Service District candidates file by SIC between Noon August 1 and Noon August 15 in the year of their election.


County Soil and Water District Commissioner files by Petition , that must be submitted by Noon July 15 of even numbered years

In addition to filing the Statement of

Intention of Candidacy forms, each

candidate must electronically file with the

SC Ethics Commission the following:


Statement of Economics Interests


Pre-campaign and post-campaign disclosure



Candidates may access the Ethics

Commission website at

for specifics.


OneSpartanburg Offices Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Registration is $25 per session, or bundle all five sessions for $100.

Registration includes refreshments and a t-shirt. Some scholarships are available. 

February 11, 2023 – Organizing Your Campaign: Choose Your Office & Build Your Team

February 25, 2023 – Campaign Finance & Fundraising

March 11, 2023 – Crafting and Managing Your Message

March 18, 2023 – Help with Another Woman’s Campaign

April 1, 2023 – Panel Discussion with Former Women Candidates & Elected Officials


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