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Resources and Links


Democratic Party Organizations

The Democratic Party

South Carolina Democratic Party

South Carolina Democratic Party Rules

South Carolina House Democratic Caucus

South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus

South Carolina Democratic Women’s Council


Information for Voters

SC Election Commission for election results, voter registration information, precinct locations, and other voter-related information

SC Legislature Online for details on bills and SC laws, including voting history

US House Online for details on US House bills and Representatives’ voting histories

US Senate Online for details on the US Senate, including active bills and voting histories


Information for Candidates

U.S. Elections for a directory of South Carolina elections, candidates, and primary and general election races.

South Carolina Election Commission for information regarding photo ID requirements, voter registration, precinct locations, and how to get on the ballot.

sc-elections SCIWAY for information about all SC legislature seats, federal races, and many county elections.


Additional Links

League of Women Voters of South Carolina