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We are accepting internship applications on a rolling basis.

If you have problems submitting this form, please email your resume, department preference, and question response directly to

Intern Roles


Joining the Fundraising team, the Development interns will be asked to help with the targeting of fundraising prospects, the drafting of fundraising emails and similar solicitations, donor research, call time staffing, and compliance work.


Helping with the campaign activities of the Party and general outreach, the Political interns will regularly help with research efforts prepping for campaigns, the organizing and advance of events, and outreach to both outreach and folks working with our County Parties.


Central to ensuring that the Democratic message of equality and opportunity is heard, the Communications interns will help craft the content the Party puts out through social media, emails, graphics and press releases.

With additional questions please call (864) 585-6957 or email

Please fill out an application below if you are interested in an internship with the Spartanburg County Democratic Party.

Intern Role Preferences

Thanks for submitting!

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