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Our Statement on the Supreme Court's Extreme Six-Week Abortion Ban

Spartanburg County Democratic Party and the Young Democrats of Spartanburg County Joint Statement on South Carolina Supreme Court Upholding Extreme Six-Week Abortion Ban

Spartanburg, SC -- In wake of the disastrous decision by the nation’s only all-male State Supreme Court to uphold the South Carolina legislature’s restrictive six-week abortion ban that was previously deemed unconstitutional by the court just eight months ago, the Spartanburg County Democratic Party and the Young Democrats of Spartanburg County issued the following statement:

Yesterday’s decision marked a troubling day for democracy here in South Carolina, and what we must be asking ourselves right now is what will they roll back next? Spartanburg native Chief Justice Beatty, the sole dissenting voice, said it best that the decision attempted to "manipulate public opinion and control the reproductive health decisions of women by distorting reality,"said Spartanburg County Democratic Party Chair Kathryn Harvey.

“Our fundamental freedoms are again being imperiled by our extreme Republican legislators and now justices. This ban that was largely sponsored by the republican men of the Spartanburg County Delegation, makes abortion illegal before many women even know they’re pregnant, requires victims of rape or incest to provide documentation of the crime committed against them just to get access to care they need, bans abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest after 12 weeks, and threatens doctors and nurses with jail time and/or fines for performing vital health care. We intend to hold our local legislators accountable, and we will not stop until the right to reproductive freedom is returned to South Carolinians,” said Harvey.

“This is an attack on Black women, low-income families, and our rural areas who will be disproportionately impacted in more than adozen counties without an OB/GYN in our state. The enforcement of this ban will put individuals seeking reproductive care at risk, and it will threaten professionals who support reproductive healthcare services. This regressive ban will now create a less safe South Carolina for all. ” said Young Democrats of Spartanburg County Vice Chair China Whitmire.

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