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Who's on the Ballet?

Your Democratic Candidates:

Candidates for 2023 Spartanburg County Municipal Election

Candidates Running in the November 7, 2023 Municipal Elections:


City Council District 1 Seat: Meghan Smith 


City Council District 2 Seat: Rob Rain 

City Council District 3 Seat: Ruth Littlejohn, Mike Fowler and Brian Cohen 



City Council (2 seats): Arnie Hoye, Vertie M. Crawford, Lauren Uldrick Dove, Jeremy Miller


Landrum City Council

(3 seats): Warren Ashmore, Shannon D. Dotson, Robert Farmer, Fred Robertson, Joyce A. Whiteside. 



City Council District 1 Seat: Jay Arrowood 


City Council District 3 Seat: Mark Hopper, Billy Vaughn 


City Council District 5 Seat: Wryley Bettis 


Commissioner of Public Work: Perry J. Williams



Council Seat (2 seats): Heather Moore, Kevin Newman



City Council (2 seats): Eric Inglis, Paige Bain, Mary Drummond Clemons, Bobby Edge, Glenna Faye Holocombe, Quentin Jay McClinton



Town Council (2 seats): Joe McDowell, Alician C. Sprouse



Town council (2 seats): Lesa Bolin, Jimmy Pettit, Erin Wofford  



Town council (2 seats): Donnie Center, Calvin Cowen, Todd Fowler, Tom Haymon, Jeff Satterfield.



Town council (3 seats): Jack Bellaire, Alton Free, Matthew Kreft, Rebecca Martin, David Petty, Kevin Wyatt.


Town of Pacolet 

Council District 2 (1 seat): Daniel Hood, Richard E. Brackins

Council District 4 (1 seat): Brian J. Bozard, Thomas Williams.

Council District 5 (1 seat): April Palmer-Green.


Town of Central Pacolet

Town Council (2 seats): No one filed



Town Council Ward 3 (1 seat): Justin Beardsley.


Town Council Ward 4 (1 seat): James A. Richard, Gifford Timothy.


Council Ward 1 (1 seat): Mattie Norman


Council Ward 3 (1 seat): William E. Arnold 


Council Ward 5 (1 seat): Sharon Adkins Kelley 

Spartanburg County School District

District 1 (4 seats): Billy Cothran III, Barbara G. Hopper, Wanda M. McDowell, Cindy Riddle, Kimberly Ross, Marshall A. Seay, Laura Tario, Mike Tolman, Gene Vanderford.


District 2, (Cherokee) (1 seat): Seth Breitenbach


District 2 (Spartanburg) (4 seats): Brandon McKillop, Summer W. Reid, Sarah Simmons, Jeff Watson, Rachel Smith Yelton.


District 3 (4 seats): Eddie Dearybury, Jodi Hoyle Gilmer, Billy Gossett, Laurie Lee, Joni L. Ware, Amanda Wyatt, Meg H. Cheshier.


District 4 (4 seats): Stephen Y. Brown, Nathan Craig, Bobby Edwards, Elaina Hyatt, Micha Kelley, Sandy Norman, Marie Rhodes Williams, Rick C. Sloan, Rhonda Sumner, Kathleen Welch.


District 5-1 (1 seat): Mark Cleveland.


District 5-2 (1 seat): Meredith B. Gergley.

District 5-3 (2 seats): Jeff Boland, Derek Watchorn.


District 6 (4 seats): Charles I. Boyd, Lynn R. Harris, Wendell J. Lee, Henry Ross, Ishayda Smith-Hughes.


District 7-1 (1 seat): James A. Jones.


District 7-4 (1 seat): Sally N. Carroll, Rick L. Gray.


District 7-5 (2 seats): Meg Pickens Clayton, Gary D. Leake, Clay Mahaffey.

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