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THANK YOU for the out-pouring of calls, emails, visits to our County AND State delegations endorsing the Spartanburg County POSITION STATEMENT and the need to remove the Confederate "Battle" flag from the State Capital.  The Bill was Passed by both State houses and signed by Governor Haley!  The resolution of this issue is a good beginning in the making of a more tolerant South Carolina - the need to be vigilant continues.   CONTINUE YOUR EFFORTS!


Monthly  LUNCH  Meeting
{2nd Mondays}
Golden Corral @ 1492 W O Ezell Blvd
   12:00 Noon  

Lunch is $11.00.  Listening is free!   Join us for discussions of the latest topics and issues affecting us as Democrats.

THIS MONTH (12/14)
Guest Speaker:  TBA

Topic:  "WRAPPING UP" the Year!

Monthly  SOCIAL Meeting
{Last Thursdays}
Brick House Pizzeria@198 Ezell St
   5:30 - 7:00 pm  
Join local democrats for an evening of  sharing information and ideas!

     No SOCIALS in November and December
        SOCIALS will resume 1/28/2016

Contribute to the Nick Kekas Memorial
Call the HQ - 585-2957  - for more information

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2016 CLUB!

 (donations - $20.16 or MORE)
Call the HQ office - 585-6957

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Democrats in Office:

2014-2016 Spartanburg County 
Democratic Party Officers

Ron Romine, Chair 
Phone:  864-583-8311
Email:  romine@charter.net

Helen Bennett, 1st Vice Chair  
Phone:  864-587-2775
Email:   hdbsouth@msn.com

 2nd Vice Chair

3rd Vice Chair - vacant

Allen Singer, Treasurer  
Phone: 864-579-3057
Email: amsing9@gmail.com 

Jennifer Richey, Secretary
Phone: 864-357-8544
Email: jenniferelam78@yahoo.com 

Jeff Ramsey, Platform & Resolutions  
Phone: 864-576-6870
Email: JRa5582388@aol.com

 Rules & Credentials - vacant  

Keshia Edmonds, Executive Committeewoman
Phone: 864-877-2299
Email:  keshiaedm@yahoo.com

Jonathan Metcalf, Executive Committeeman  
Phone:  864-814-5726
Email:   jonathanmetcalf@mac.com

Dennis Shreefer, Alt. Executive Committeeman  
Phone:  864-585-1239
Email:  shreefer@gmail.com

 Alt. Executive Committeewoman 


                          Thursday, October 15, 2015  ~  6-8 PM
                    2015 Friends and Family ANNUAL REUNION BBQ
              Spartanburg Community College - Downtown campus


                                                               T H A N K   Y O U!

                                         “Anonymous”                          Zerno Martin     

                                        Helen Bennett                            Mary and Harry Miller   

                                       Vic and Linda Bilanchone           Rodney J. Moss

                                       Bob and Carol Bradof                 LizandDwight  Patterson                

                                       Don and Mott Bramblett              Rose Pellatt    

                                      Paul and Lori Corden                   Betty Price    

                                     Tom Moore Craig                         Glen and Janis Reese  

                                      Karyn and Tom Davies                  Julia Lyons  

                                      Barbara Dorsey                          Ron and Peggy Romine

                                      Bob and Bobby Faucette             Allen Singer

                                      Chip and Margaret Green             Charles Jr & Jane Spann

                                       James R. Groce                          Charles Stavely

                                       Alice and Dan Henderson           Junie  White  

                                       Charlie Hodge                               Elsie Wright 

                                       Charles Kay                                  Bob and Carolyn Wynn III

                                        Jack and Kay Lawrence    

Events Committee: Rose Pellatt, Julia Lyons, Mary Miller 
                                                                 Dorothy Geter, Keisha Edmonds, Lynne Knoepp, Shelly Roehrs
                                                          Mary Deku, Ron Romine, Helen Bennett, Linda Bilanchone, Dorothy Pruitt